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Løvely Break

An organic herbal tea blending the sweet taste of wild berries with cookies...

Løvely Glögg


Løvely Glögg adapts the flavours of the traditionnal Scandinavian « glögg » in a delicously sweet and spiced herbal tea.


The perks of Fika and taking a break


What if the secret to workplace happiness was just a four-letter word? A spotlight on fika, a Scandinavian institution, especially in Sweden. Fika is a cultural norm in Sweden Fika is a time-honored tradition that everyone enjoys. The concept is simple: a just grant yourself a moment to take a ...


Winter Latte Recipe


We have found the hot drink that won’t leave you from whole winter : the Winter Latte. For Teatime, taste it with a delicious Marlette financier. For desert, you have to try it with an Abbot Kinney’s vegan yogurt. Or before bedtime, enjoy it with a square of dark chocolate. All excuses are g...


Chai Latte recipe


Have you heard about Chai Latte? It is the best comforting, delicious and yummy drink of all times! Our organic blend Sweet Chai is perfect to create your homemade Chaï Latte. But what is a Chai Latte in the first place? Let’s take you on a tour The Chai Latte is THE unavoidable Indian drink ...


Winter in Løv: your new best friend this winter


Temperatures are starting to drop, daylight is getting shorter and your swimsuits and summer dresses are now tidy up to leave room for your coats and comfy socks in your closet… no need to go further, Winter is coming! We have found the best cure to face winter and we are going to reveal you......


DIY Floral Embroidery Hoop Wreath


Make your beautiful hoop wreath with dried flowers to hang on your walls! Changing up your décor is always refreshing, and gets you out of your routine. Admit it, you’ve been mulling it over for a while, so now is the time to take action! To get you started, we’ve prepared this easy tutorial...


Easy and healthy granola recipes


Get back into the swing of things with our good-for-you recipes! Roll your sleeves up, and let’s get cooking! Enjoy our 3 healthy, tasty, and easy-to-make recipes. We called in the culinary experts over at Marlette, our long-time partner, to help us out. It doesn’t get any better than this! R...


A better understanding of rooibos and its health benefits


After guiding you through the benefits of turmic, we would like to get up close and personal with the many virtues of rooibos. What is rooibos, exactly? Is it caffeinated? What does it taste like? What are its benefits? So many questions… And we’re here to answer them! What exactly is rooibos...


Are you familiar with (all) the benefits of drinking herbal tea?


Beginners and experts welcome! We’ve concocted a special article to learn all about the properties of herbal tea and its benefits. Read on! Herbal tea: an ancient skill Did you know that man has been using medicinal plants for thousands of years? Over centuries, a number of civilisations have u...


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